Pappa Sven’s

Scandinavian design and products are really unique and perfectly suited to Australian homes. Although the climates are so different, there is a lot of similarity between the two cultures, the way that we live our lives and our connection to the natural environment.

This is why we are really excited to soon be opening Pappa Sven, in the beautiful city of Newcastle (Australia).

Pappa Sven will be a unique homewares store, offering a wide range of quality Scandinavian products to the Australian market.

Pappa Sven’s will not just be a shop , it will also be a place where people can enjoy visiting and feel like they have stepped into a cosy store in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo … or Skellefteå! And of course there will always be coffee and fika available to everyone who visits!

Anyway…this is the beginning!

In June I ran in the Stockholm Marathon and on the first bend I saw the sweetest little boy holding a big sign saying ‘Go Pappa Sven’ …from that moment I decided that had to be the name of my store.

I graduated from UNSW in 1998 with 1st Class Honours in Textile Science and some fantastic experience working with the International Wool Secretariat, CSIRO Division of Wool Technology and many wool processors around Australia. This gave me a great love of natural fibres and fabrics, but for various reasons my career quickly drifted away from textiles. This is something that I am really passionate about bring back into my life, through Pappa Sven and will be sourcing only quality products and beautiful natural fibres and fabrics grown in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

One thought on “Pappa Sven’s

  1. Hi Libby – I’m a friend of June’s and she put me onto your bog. I love all things scandi and would love nothing more then a store like Pappa Svens in newcastle. The town is really blooming with creativity and I think would support such a place. Hurry up and bring it too us (or start sourcing stuff and maybe I can help get things moving at this end – I’m looking for something to sink my teeth into). Nic

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